Industry experts at LJR Hospitality Ventures, ConStrata Consulting, and FoodserviceResults announced the release of IMPACT! (Immediate, Measurement, Pivot, Actionable, Competitive, Tactics)

June 25, 2020 – Industry experts at LJR Hospitality Ventures, ConStrata Consulting, and FoodserviceResults announced the release of IMPACT! (Immediate, Measurement, Pivot, Actionable, Competitive, Tactics) a program developed by the partnership to support multi-unit foodservice operators in assessing their current operations, technology, and positioning as they
emerge from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic with new challenges and opportunities.

Combining their unique experience and expertise in operations, technology, and data analytics, the joint IMPACT! Offering was the brainchild of industry thought leaders Larry Reinstein, CEO of LJR Hospitality Ventures, Robert Grimes, Founder of ConStrata, and Darren Tristano, CEO of FoodServiceResults.
IMPACT! provides a “holistic” assessment of existing key business processes, technology, consumer connections, digital footprint, and competitive metrics to provide recommendations that are immediately actionable while considering the reality of limited funds, time, and resources available. IMPACT! focuses on key areas that can immediately impact an operator’s ability to survive, take advantage of new opportunities and thrive in the “new normal.” Although uncertainty lies ahead, an operator can quickly implement the recommendations IMPACT! in 100-days.

IMPACT! begins with research followed by executive and departmental interviews, including a review of operations processes and technologies used to connect with the guest, provide service, and offer owners, operators and management key information needed for effective decision-making. This view, when coupled with data on the competitive landscape and market forecasts, provides a unique, clear, and customized view for the operator to act upon, leveraging what they already have in place and have invested in.

“It’s exciting to be working with ConStrata and LJR Hospitality Ventures to provide high-level advisory services through IMPACT! to operators who have be fundamentally disrupted with the current Covid-19 pandemic,” says Darren Tristano of FoodserviceResults. “The strength and expertise of the team at ConStrata in Technology, coupled with Larry Reinstein of LJR Hospitality Ventures’ keen view of operations allows us to provide sound strategic support to any size operator in need of a second set of eyes in a time when scaling back can dampen the customer experience.”
Recognizing the immediate needs of operators, IMPACT! is designed for quick delivery and is provided at a fixed fee. Add-on services are offered for multi-concept operators and those with Franchisees.
For more information regarding IMPACT!:,, or call +1-866-604-7833.

About LJR Hospitality Ventures: LJR Hospitality Ventures works together with restaurant owners and operators to identify opportunities and execute solutions to create profitable business strategies. We partner with our clients to provide an in-depth look at their business to achieve the level of success they envision for their restaurants. For more information contact: Larry Reinstein –, or call +1-704-661-0006.

About ConStrata Consulting: ConStrata’s experienced technology professionals and industry veterans help businesses navigate the challenges of technology investment and chart a winning course to greater efficiency and profitability. For more information contact: Toby Malbec –, or call +1 800-287-1811.

About FoodserviceResults: FoodserviceResults is a market research and consultancy based in the Chicago Market. Led by former Technomic President Darren Tristano, the firm relies on deep knowledge and experience in the foodservice industry to develop solutions for restaurant operators, foodservice suppliers, distributors, and other allied organizations. For more information contact: Darren Tristano –, or call +1 708-228-1427.


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