What Will We Be Eating in 2050?

October 7, 2014


Leading food watchers share their visions of what consumers will be munching on and swigging in the decades ahead.

Some food trends have staying power while others are fleeting fads … do you remember gelatin salads? Food fashions come and go but may reappear wearing a new set of clothes in 10, 20 or 30 years. Today, gluten-free, protein, local sourcing, sodium reduction, and whole foods resonate with many consumers and influence food choices and eating habits.

Since FutureFood 2050 is focused on finding solutions to sustainably feed 9-plus billion people by 2050, we thought it would be both fitting and fun to ask leading food watchers, market researchers and “trendmeisters” what they think consumers will be eating in 2050.

Three trends with staying power
Consumers increasingly demand food supply chains with greater transparency, local food sourcing and healthier cuisine on the menu.
“Although health and wellness comes with a price, the future will likely hold greater opportunities to make healthier fare more affordable for lower- and middle-income groups.”