Breastaurant Themed Reality TV Series Debuts This Fall

pictureThere’s a booming niche in the struggling restaurant industry known as “breastaurants“, or sports bars that feature scantily clad waitresses.

But half naked waitresses are really only part of the attraction, because these joints feature big portioned, hearty meals, a wide variety of beer and liquor and lots of attention in order to make customers feel special. More than three quarters of Hooters customers are male, with an average age of 45.

Last year, the nation’s top three “breastaurant” chains behind Hooters each had sales growth of 30 percent or more, while other mid-priced options like Applebee’s and Bennigan’s experienced declines.

The newer breastaurants offer themes such as rustic lodges and Celtic pubs, plus varied menus that include pot roast and shepherd’s pie instead of just burgers and wings.

“The younger crowds want to go to a newer place, not where mom and dad took them,” says Darren Tristano, an analyst at Technomic.

At Tilted Kilt Pub & Eatery in Tempe, Arizona, waitresses wear matching tartan mini-skirts and bras that fit in with the restaurant’s Celtic theme.

New Breastaurant Reality Television Series

All the interest in breasturants has spawned a new reality television series Big Tips Texas, which is set to debut later this fall on MTV. The so-called docudrama follows the lives of scantily-clad waitresses at a well-known Fort Worth based breastaurant Redneck Heaven.According to MTV, the half-hour series follows the lives of a group of fun loving girlfriends at the best little honky tonk bar in Texas who are working to make their dreams a reality.“The eclectic group of girls includes a gifted student working to save money to go back to Harvard, an ambitious waitress who wants to move from behind the bar to the front of the business office and the girl who knows how to keep the clientele happy but comes at odds with other staff.”

MTV promises the show will be “loaded with tons of comedy, drama and heart,” and adds “whether they’re partying on Lake Lewisville, planning their futures, or getting dirty on the ranch, they’re living it up and letting loose every day.”

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