Massive Trend Watch: Franchise Direct Food Franchise Industry Report 2012

ATLANTA, GA–(Marketwire – Nov 15, 2012) – Franchise Direct ( has delivered the Food Franchise Industry Report of 2012, bringing accessible industry analysis of 60 franchise concepts into one central location. This annual trend spotting report provides extensive sample franchise analysis in thriving food franchise sectors, which comprise one third of franchise establishments and are part of a great leading industry creating nearly $1.7 billion in the United States daily.

Compelling shifts in full service and fast food industries are shaping franchises across the board in 2012 due to a remarkable emphasis on healthier eating concepts. Ongoing health legislation and growing consumer awareness prompt adjustments throughout the food service world. The report highlights major food franchise players creating healthier eating concepts, including pizza and ice cream industries. Dating back to the 1940s, pizza and ice cream eateries maintain strong roots in American culture, with customization of product offerings and the redesign of atmosphere for patrons holding fast as two firm industry trends. Both have been consistently upholding relevancy by adapting model and menu concepts to meet changing demands.

Strong technology trends highly influence food franchising, with simplicity and customization perks uniting mobile technology and franchise business. Technology and everyday life are more interwoven than ever before and food franchises have ramped up mobile applications in 2012 with a continued focus on video and purchasing apps to sync customer orders with mobile lifestyle trends. Technomic executive vice president and restaurant analyst Darren Tristano shares this point on generational shifts: “Flexibility and customization is very important to Millennials (those born between the early 1980s and late 1990s).”

Ever expansive food-based franchise concepts are also the focus of this report delivering in-depth research content focused on emergent and time-honored industries experiencing an upsurge, including food-gifting franchises with 2012 sales expected to reach over $11 billion. With at least 70 franchise brands offering smoothies on their menu and over 80% of Americans as coffee consumers, the smoothie industry and coffee establishments continue to pull their weight as mainstay features for American consumers. Also experiencing an even greater demand are vending machine franchises, due to even greater accessibility features for a busy and active populace.

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