Broth-Based Beverage Boon?

Some restaurant operators are beginning to redefine the traditional “cup of soup.” With the growth in fast casual and on-the-go consumers’ continued need for convenience and portability, servings of soup are now moving from spoon to drinkable containers. Broth-based soups have found their way on to several menus.

Fast-casual growth chain Freshii offers a spicy lemongrass, classic chicken and 100% vegetable broth served in a collared coffee cup to go.

Lettuce Entertain You chain Wow Bao offers Thai Herb Broth infused with fresh ginger and lemongrass which can be carried and sipped like a cup of tea.

These soup beverages are low in calories and priced between $1.29 and $2.29 providing consumers with a bell-warming, hot cup of comfort with a price and calorie count that is easy to stomach!

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